The New Military Brat Pin

The Military Brat Pin follows the design of the popular Coin of the Military Brat. It makes a priceless gift for presentation at hails & farewells, promotions, retirements or any other ceremony at which family members may be honored. Each branch of service is presented at the bottom of the pin, and is highlighted by the unique background color.

Two special Pins have also been created. The first is for Department of Defense Brats, because so many have expressed their affinity with Military Brats. The second is an Honoray Military Brat Pin, which is minted in a very limited edition and available to Alumni groups who want to bestow this honor on a special DoDEA teacher, principal, or other beneficiary.

The reverse side of the pin features a unique serial number, providing one-of-a-kind authenticity. The purchaser is recorded in a database for verification should the pin become lost and found. And, your S/N will enter you into occastional give-a-aways and private discounts in The Brat Store.

And now, add the self-sticking Military Brat Patch, and the Static Cling Window Decal!

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